Michelle McBrearty

Piano, Vocal Teacher

Hi! My name is Michelle. Music has been part of my life since I was very young. As a teen, I was fascinated with the new church organ, and played with it until I knew what every button was for. Soon I was playing for church. While still a teen, students started coming to me for lessons. I was happy to learn to teach at a young age.

In college, I took vocal lessons and gained a passion for singing. I was able to learn different techniques that have assisted me in enhancing my own vocal range and skills. While in college, I played for a large church in Glendale, California and for a choir that combined with other choirs to form the TBN choir for their rallies that were televised. I also got the experience of choir directing at the church in Glendale, and later in other churches.

In Portland, Oregon I opened a music studio. Students wishing to learn piano or organ came to me to learn. Eventually I taught in multiple locations throughout the city. It was very fun.

If you want to have fun while you are learning, please schedule a lesson with me! Thank you!

Michelle McBrearty