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Made to Fit Your Home

Here at Cedar Melody Music, we understand the importance of convenience. We specifically cater to bringing the lessons to you.

We provide several lessons types:

- In-Home

- Teachers-Home

As we specialize in piano and vocal, we specifically focus on teaching music theory, sight-reading, composition, song-writing, ear training, and performance etiquette. We also understand the importance of making lessons fun for all ages.

Music has positive impacts on the brain. When learning an instrument, we find that our long-term memory is improved, and our brain structure is changed. Learning music also helps those who have dyslexia and has been shown to decline the risk of dementia.

As music increases blood flow into the brain, it also increases endorphins which is the (happy, feel-good chemical) that we get from eating chocolate or exercising. This means that music can help combat anxiety and depression.